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We're devoted to social justice in the community, self-sufficiency, equality before the law, social and cultural rights, the right to food, the right to work, the right to health, and the right to education. Tha Block intends to educate and entertain through work that reflects its commitment to community and healing.

Latest News & Events

Nov Community Meal Sunday.JPG

A free event for the community to share a meal together and distribute resources

Rent Party - Wingz + Spades .png

A fun event to help us raise money for our rental assistance fund

Who We Serve

We serve those that live in Trenton and surrounding areas including, residents of color, The Vulnerable (homeless population), our youth, small business owners, and other grassroots organizations

The Art House

Tha Art House Initative.png

In 2016, the era of community artivism became mainstream with 219 E. Hanover. The original arthouse and communal garden of our time, it changed what was possible forever. 219 was a multiple floored building with an art exhibit on the first floor, a photography and recording studio on the second and a Gandhi Garden on the side. The Sage coalition actualized the artivist vision, here in the town. From fresh fruits and vegetables growing in the garden, to community bonfires, they understood what it meant to provide access to the community while also collectively building artistic visions. This is the example of what Tha Art House model will be.

Tha Vision
Tha Value

To cultivate access to resources and community building through artistic outlets.

We believe that

  • Art is a healing agent 

  • Art can serve as an agent of change 

  • Art should be accessible to all 

  • Collectivism is the center of community building

More Info Coming Soon!

Get Involved Today!

Tha Block


Tha Block Trenton forms partnerships with change-makers, grassroots organizations, and small business in and around the city of Trenton. These partnerships help us strengthen our impact on the community and provide more to those that we serve. 

Tha Block


Our organizations thrives off the dedication and creativity of our volunteers. As a volunteer, you get to engage with the community and explore using art as a means of healing and bringing people together. 

Tha Block


Donations help us financially support all of our initiatives and community work, including our annual community events and ongoing programs. Every dollar goes towards making our community stronger!

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