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About Tha Block Trenton


Who Are We?

Tha Block Trenton is a non-profit organization run by Trentonians committed to redistributing resources to our community.

What Do We Do?

We're devoted to social justice in the community, self-sufficiency, equality before the law, social and cultural rights, the right to food, the right to work, the right to health, and the right to education. Tha Block intends to educate and entertain through work that reflects its commitment to community and healing.

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What Have We Done?
  • Successfully hosted an art camp for local teens

  • Formed community partnerships with other organizations, such as African-American Cultural Collaborative & Artworks Trenton 

  • Successfully developed and funded a grassroots rental assistance fund for local residents 

  • Hosted impactful community events for 150-200 attendees

  • Feed 180+ members of Trenton's Vulnerable (homeless) population

  • Provide job, internship, and volunteer opportunities for the city of Trenton 

Meet Tha Board

Kendra Bullock.jpeg
Lucia Smith.png
Gary B. Lawery.png

Kenya Bullock

Board President

Trenton, NJ

Lucia Smith

Board Vice President

Trenton, NJ

Gary B. Lawery

Director of Government Affairs & Community Outreach 

Trenton, NJ

Aquil Highsmith.png

Akeya Fortson-Brown

Director of Marketing

Trenton, NJ

Aquil Highsmith

Director of Fundraising & Treasury

Trenton, NJ

Meet Tha Collective

Kenny Bee.png
Mike Whittington.png

Kenya Bullock

Founder & Executive Director

Trenton, NJ

Mike Whittington

Company Manager

Trenton, NJ

Nasir Square

Creative Director & Political Educator

Trenton, NJ

Shamir Racine.png
Marcus Jabari Lane.png

Shamir Racine

Community Outreach & Political Educator 

Trenton, NJ

Marcus Jabari Lane

Strategic Planning & Development Manager

New Haven, CT

Want To Join The Collective?

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